3 Easy Steps

3EasySteps Step 1. Free Quotation Step 2. Payment Step 3. Delivery

Step 1. Free Quotation

Find the best Japanese vehicle for you using our website. Once you find the used car you?would like to purchase,?check the link. Use the "Free quotation" function to immediately verify the total cost from Japan to your Country. (Online quotation not available for some Country / vehicle combinations). Get an invoice for our Japanese used cars from our stock. Input your details and you will see the total prices as well as invoice. If you decide to purchase your favorite Japanese used car, contact us so that we can reserve the vehicle for you before someone takes it.

Car Details

Step 2. Payment

Complete the payment by Bank Telegraphic Transfer, from any bank. You can pay also using PayPal system. Once you have completed the payment, Please send us a copy of Telegraphic Transfer copy as proof of payment. When the payment is reached us, we will email you a confirmation.

Pro Forma Invoice

Once we confirm that your payment is received, we will promptly notify you.

Step 3. Delivery

After receiving the full payment we will immediately begin the export arrangements on the next available vessel. You can follow the status of your shipment by accessing your account on our website. We will send the documents to you or your agent by UPS?courier as soon as all of them are on our hand. Once you receive the documents, you can begin arranging collection and registration in your country of the vehicle. We always help you to complete the procedure and give you an indication on the fee and taxes to be paid.

Bill of Lading